WWF and Corbett Park

World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWWF) and the Corbett National Park

The WWF plays a big part in how the Corbett Park is managed to ensure the protection of the tigers in the tiger reserve . Our guide told us they put a lot of money in to ensure the Corbett Park is managed in the interest of the wildlife and not humans. The park has a core area where tourists cannot go;
to allow the animals the freedom to live unhindered. There are strict rules as to where you can travel in the park, only in daylight and only in certain hours of the day. I hasten to add that these rules are not necessarily all to do with the WWF.

Our guide told us that WWF pay for every domestic animal eaten by a leopard or tiger. They pay 25% more than the market rate and the villagers receive the payment within a week so they can purchase a new animal.

WWF conserves endangered species, protects threatened habitats and addresses global threats. We find long-term solutions that benefit both people and nature.www.wwf.org.uk

You can also learn about WWF’s Tiger program in India

My younger brother, who contributes to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature commented that it was good to see what his money was being well used for. I take from that he was impressed with WWF and their role in helping maintain the tigers in the Corbett National Park tiger reserve.