Eating In India

Eating Out in India

Food in India is generally very good and great value with a huge variety of places to eat out. You will find many places will serve omelettes for breakfast, places where westerners go will also have toast and jam, plus fruit. You can also have a curry with rice and chapattis for those so inclined. Those who prefer to be vegetarians will find there is more than enough selection to meet their needs, as it is a particular strength of Indian cooking.

How to stay clear of stomach upsets in India?

A few basic tips to avoid getting an upset stomach are below.

  • Buy a hand wash gel and apply it before meals to sterilize your hands meals.
  • Do not use ice in any drinks or in any form.
  • Only drink bottled water that you personally break the seal.
  • Do not eat raw vegetables or fruit unless they have been peeled.
    Only eat food that has been cooked to boiling point. We found we became vegetarians, as it was much easier.
  • We purchased in the UK, yogurt culture based ‘probiotic’ tablets, which we would take each morning with cold water before eating or drinking anything. They say the culture in the tablets helps to counteract any bad bacteria.

Remember these eating out in India rules also apply to your flight back home, I know to my cost having stayed away from any problems for three successive trips to relax my guards on the Delhi to Dubai flight eating the vegetable salad to find my self suffering in the UK, once I was back home.

Eating out in India is a very enjoyable experience provided you follow these simple eating out rules.