Booking a Trip

We are based in the UK and have travelled extensively in India, greatly enjoying the diversity of the country and what it has to offer. We use our first hand experience to create the content on this website, including the tours we offer. We can draw on this background when  building itineraries for our customers.

 We partner with our good friends at Viktorianz,  who pride themselves on providing a great experience for their guests, to arrange travel on our behalf.

What we Offer

In short, we will provide whatever you want. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to you, our customers, and using our extensive experience and contacts in India to ensure you get your desired outcome and have a memorable trip.

We can take care of all aspects of your trip:

  • Providing initial suggestions and advice to allow us to tailor the holiday to your requirements and then creating a detailed itinerary for your trip.
  • Driver collection from the airport upon your arrival in India.
  • Members of our team will meet you at your hotel, at a convenient time after your arrival in India. We will provide you with a full itinerary containing all you need for your trip and deal with any remaining questions that you have.
  • We can help you get an Indian SIM card to ensure you stay connected whilst in India.
  • Provide full support for you by mobile phone and email (in English) for the whole period that you are in India.
  • Arrange internal flights or train journeys if required
  • Provide a knowledgeable, English speaking, driver/ guide for each of your destinations who will be available to you throughout the day and evening. We will provide the drivers name and mobile number before you arrive.Your diver will be far more than a chauffeur and can help with a huge range of things including the following.
    • Guidance on the customs and traditions of the area you are in
    • Help finding any items you want to see or buy from cash machines, street food and tours of local markets to good local restaurants. In fact, we would advise you do not have dinner or lunch in the hotel and rely on your driver to find you a local restaurant.
    • If your trip is more than a day or two you will likely feel the driver is a good friend by the end of your trip.
  • Provide you with an expert, certified, guide for key elements of your trip. The guide will really help you get much more from your trip from details of the site right through to the best place for memorable photographs. Don’t get caught with an unofficial guide who may not have access to the main site.

Let us know you interests and we will find a guide that will meet your needs.

  • Book appropriate accommodation according to your requirements in all locations from luxury hotels, three star hotels and homestays which offer the chance to stay with an Indian family in the community.
  • Let you know what is on in the area you are visiting and book you into local events and shows that you want to attend.


Planning your trip:

Tell us what you would like to do and your areas of interest and we will work with you to create an itinerary. We offer a number of tours and packages on this website but all these can be modified to meet your requirements so use them, and other sources, to help you decide what you want.

India is a huge and very diverse country so you cannot hope to cover everything in one trip. In fact, we would advise against trying to cover too much and focus your trip so that you can truly enjoy the country and avoid too much time on the road.

Let us know:

  • How long and when you would like your visit to be
  • Your areas of interest
  • How many in your party
  • The type of accommodation that you would like
  • Any other relevant details


We will then put some ideas together for you with no obligations and some outline costings. Once we have settled on a final tour we will provide a fully detailed itinerary and a quote.

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