Porbitora Wildlife Sanctuary

The Porbitora Wildlife sanctuary

Porbitora Wild Life Sanctuary is only 38.8 square Kilometers, but has the highest concentration of the Indian one horned rhino anywhere in the world. It is located a short distance from Guwahati, the capital of Assam and is in very easy reach for those arriving by air.

The Indian One Horned Rhino from Porbitora Wildlife Sanctuary are being used to stock other national Parks is Assam, such as Manas, were six rhino have recently been released.

We did not actually go into Porbitora Wildlife Sanctuary as we were pressed for time, but we did stop for half an hour on a road that takes visitors to the sanctuary and watch numerous
one horned rhino as well plenty of wetland birds. I also spoke to an American TV crew who had come to Assam specifically film the one horned rhino, they said they had an excellent visit getting the shots they needed, which they were unable to do in Kaziranga National Park primarily due to early morning fog.

Porbitora Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to the Asiatic Buffalo, civet cat and wild boar.

November to May is the best time to visit Porbitora Wildlife Sanctuary.