River Rafting

Nameri National Park – river rafting

Rafting down the river Kameng, which borders the Nameri National Park was a great experience.
Two to a rubber inflatable, life jackets provided and two boatmen per dingy we set off.

We saw a variety of water birds, but it was also great just sitting there
being carried along by the river listening the peace and quiet and river noises. We hear so much about destruction of the forests, well hear we could see it first hand. One bank of the river away from the National Park has had its forest almost totally destroyed in the last few years. I say the last few years because you can see the tree stumps sticking out of the soil as we drove up stream to our launch point. Wood smoke filled the air as fires burnt the forest timber. All rather sad!

The Nameri National Park has been preserved for the time being at least due to the hard work and dedication of a few. The park is a sanctuary for the wildlife, with no motor vehicles allowed in it. We could see the occasion wild animal coming down to drink at the river.

After an hour or so of drifting down stream through a number
of small rapids, our boatmen pulled up
on one of the islands to cooked us lunch. We were free to wander off and enjoy the island, bird spotting for some, or just sitting in the peace and quiet for others.

After a very full tasty lunch, we headed back down stream for a further hour or so river rafting to our Safari camp site landing point.

Listen to an audio tape of the sounds of the river, as we first approach the rapids and then pass through the rapids in our raft (2mins 6 Secs long)

Most of us walked the short kilometer or so back to the lodges having had a great afternoon of river rafting at Nameri National Park.

More images of our rafting trip (Mouse over the image to see the caption)

A great way to spend an afternoon.

We recommend the Nameri rafting trip in inflatable rubber dinghies!