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Manas National Wildlife Park.

Manas National Park has some of the very best forest and unspoilt natural habitat for wildlife. The national park was chosen to be part of a program to increase the one horned rhino population to 3,000 by the end of 2020 with the help of WWF, the International Rhino Foundation and the Assam Forest Department.
Manas National Park has a superb range of birds with 476 different listed
and it is possible to see over two hundred during a three or four day visit. The Manas bird life is well worth a visit to see in its own right.

Local villagers bordering the Manas National Park have decided to combine their skills to protect the wild life and the forests forming themselves in to the Maozigendri project. The villagers are from the Bodo tribe who have traditionally lived off the forest and its wild life, in a sustainable way.

The Manas Park villagers have successfully persuaded a number of poachers to turn conservationists by using their skills to protect the wildlife they once hunted.

The villagers of Maozigendri project have also erected some great accommodation with en suite facilities for the tourists just on the edge of the Manas National Park.

You will also be able to visit one of the local Bodo villages bordering the Manas National, which was a real special treat, the villagers were extremely welcoming sharing with us their local produce including coconut milk, rice wine ...