Corbett National Park Background

The Corbett National Park is India’s first national park, being designated a national Park in 1934 with the help of Jim Corbett, who helped define the park's boundaries. It was only after Jim Corbett's death in 1955 that it was it named after him by Rajiv Gandhi, India's Prime Minister.

Jim Corbett was a remarkable man in his time and what an accolade to have a park named after him. Jim Corbett was a very modest and quite man and he would have been very honored to know the Corbett National Park exists today. We suggest you read more about him by going to the Jim Corbett page on this web site.

The Corbett National Park's significant dates

In 1858 an area of protected forest where people were excluded drawn up in 1858 now the Corbett National Park.

In 1934 it was first designated a National Park, India's first, and was called Hailey’s National Park, after the United Province's Governor of the time, Malcolm Hailey.

In 1954 after India’s Independence the park was called the Ramganges National Park.

In 1957 two years after the death of Jim Corbett the park was renamed the Corbett National Park. “Jim Corbett has become a legend. He is a symbol of the hunter who turned conserver. It is right that we should remember his love of India by naming one of our foremost protected areas after him.” Rajiv Gandhi– Prime Minister of India.

In 1973 Project Tiger was launched in the Corbett National Park in a major effort to protect the now endangered tiger.

In 1974 more land surrounding the park was added to the Corbett National Park.

In 1982 the Corbett National Park had further land surrounding the park protected, this area allowed for the entire eco-system to be enclosed to make it one of the best-protected forests in the world. The whole area was now some 1,300 sq km which it remains to this day.
Some basic facts on the park: -

  • The Corbett National Park is located in the Himalayan foothills in Uttranchal State. The altitude varies from 1200 ft (400m) to some 3, 600ft (1200m).
  • Time to visit is between the 15th November and 15th June each year. The Corbett National Park is closed during the monsoons as the rivers flood and all the bridges are washed away. The best time to visit is February to May, as the park is drier with the wild animals congregating near water and many of the trees and bushes shed their leaves, making wildlife spotting easier.

We hope you have the time to enjoy the Corbett National Park too.